Water-Gate - Water Currents

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35.00 LBS
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Current protection


  • Control, contain, & divert water before it becomes a problem
  • Portable Dam
  • Roll out in the path of problem water and rises and opens from water pressure
  • Quick & easy to deploy with minimal labor 
  • Compact and requires minimal storage
  • Made from ultra strong PVC coated polyester fabric for stream installation
  • Anti-mining bib to avoid stream bed erosion if overtop occurs
  • Reusable for many years
  • Flexible and forms to any surface
  • Protection heights from 6 in to 5 ft high
  • The Water-Gate is 4 times wider than its height, giving it more retaining power
  • Connect units together with heavy duty velcro to achieve desired length
  • Requires no site preparation, little or no additional material and no permanent installation.
  • Created for Water Currents
  • Back flap prevents erosion
  • Does not alter the environment
  • FM Approved- View Certificate
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Tested and Approved- Watch Video
  • Patented and sold in over 26 countries- Read Testimonials here
  • Self deploying crates available for additional charge
  • For larger sizes or quantities, please Contact Us for a quote


WL-   Pre-attached weights at front of unit


WA-   No weights at front for easier deployment in moving water

          Anti-Erosion flap on back side prevents erosion while water is overflowing



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