Sport-Savers Mats

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Sport Savers Mat - During

Sport Savers Mats

Prevents standing water from ruining your game

Place in position before, during or after it rains!

  • Covers problem areas including: bases, pitchers mound & home plate
  • Rubber side up collects water for easy draining
  • Absorbent side down draws moisture in, leaving drier area, prevents mud build up
  • Mat is provided with grommets & stakes to secure in position
  • Convenient & Portable
  • Quick, Easy & Economical
  • No need to rake in heavy fillers
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Extend life of mats & absorbents by allowing to dry before storing for the season
  • Pack Contents:
    • Each Mat is provided with 4 stakes for securing into position
    • Prevention Pack includes 4- 6' x 6' & 1- 6' x 8' Mats & stakes