Experts Predict 2018's Hurricane Season

Experts Predict 2018's Hurricane Season

Posted by QUICK DAMS on 1st Mar 2018

You might not have ever heard of Global Weather Oscillations Inc. before. That's alright, they aren't as flashy as some other outlets. It's not surprising if you haven't heard their name before.

Still, even though you might not know their name you will surely appreciate their work.

Global Weather Oscillations (GWO) is the only major hurricane prediction organization that correctly predicted the historic 2017 hurricane season. Seriously, they nailed it from beginning to end. They were credited by news media for their outstanding accuracy on the entire season.

Now they are on to hurricane season 2018. Their predictions paint a picture that is telling you to prepare yourself as early as possible.

GWO is predicting that 2018 will look a lot like 2017 with respects to hurricane season. In fact, GWO is predicting that this coming hurricane season could be another record breaker. Here's what they are predicting

16 named storms.
8 hurricanes
4 major hurricanes
2 major impact United States storms from those 4 major hurricanes

GWO says that due to the similar ocean temperatures as last year in the Caribbean and Atlanta regions near the United States it creates a more favorable environment for tropical storms to form. These storms grow in strength as they move towards the United States.

The experts at GWO have an incredible reputation based on their results last hurricane season. With this type of notice this far in advance, people must take action and prepare themselves early.

At Quick Dams we pride ourselves on having top of the line products that help people protect themselves against flooding that often comes with hurricane season. It's better to be prepared too early than too late. Check out our line of products and start preparing for an epic hurricane season.

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