How To Prepare For Winter Flooding

How To Prepare For Winter Flooding

Posted by QUICK DAM on 12th Nov 2018

The Fall season is quickly coming to a close. Winter is just around the corner and hurricane season itself is about to end. With the ending of hurricane season many think that the threat of flooding is going to decrease significantly.

Unfortunately that couldn't be further from the truth. 

Flooding is the number one and most common natural disaster in the United States and believe it or not many severe floods occur during the winter months. Wet winters paired with melting snow can cause some of the most sudden flash floods in the country.

The best way to prepare for flooding is to prepare as early as possible. Having the supplies needed to combat flooding already on hand allows for easy deployment and necessary time to thoroughly execute your emergency preparedness strategy.

Many think that it's too difficult to prepare for flooding in advance. The traditional methods of flood control can take up significant amounts of space. For instance traditional sandbags require thousands of pounds of sand to be delivered and then hours of manual labor filling and placing the prepared bags themselves. Having all of those materials just sitting on your property waiting to be used for a flood is impractical.

Fortunately, Quick Dam has a variety of solutions that allow you to stay prepared for any potential flood that comes your way.

Flood Bags & Flood Barriers

Flood Bags & Barriers efficiently solve the problem of space that come with the traditional sandbag method. Flood Bags & Barriers are water-activated sandless sandbags.

These products are compact, lightweight and easy to use. Save yourself the hassle of filling empty bags full of sand and then hauling them into place. With Flood Bags & Barriers you're able to just place them and as they come in contact with water they swell into the equivalent of a 30 pound sandbag. You can also pre-activate these products with a garden hose and place them accordingly.


Flood Bags & Barriers allow you to always stay prepared in case a flood quickly arrives at your doorstep. Having a box of these products will give you peace of mind knowing that if a severe storm is on the way you have the necessary materials to keep your home or property dry and protected.

While winter is going to be filled with its fair share of ice and snow in the North, the South will be enduring a wetter winter than most. Flooding is going to be just as common during the winter and as long as you are stocked with the right products you'll be better protected.