HealthCare Flood Protection

HealthCare Flood Protection

Posted by QUICK DAM on 31st Dec 2018

Health Care Facilities

Throughout a variety of healthcare facilities such as private practices, hospitals and urgent cares flooding has become a significant issue that healthcare professionals need to be ready for. Along with flooding, these facilities deal with a multitude of spills, leaks and drips whether it be water-based liquids or bodily fluids. Not being prepared for these type of water related incidences can be costly to a healthcare facility's budget.

The other factor that needs to be taken into account is TIME. Healthcare professionals need to spend their valuable time as efficiently as possible. They can't be taking time away from their important responsibilities to set up difficult to use and heavy flood products. 

The Best Solutions

When it comes to protecting your facility from flooding and water damage the most important factors in the solutions you use are convenience, ease of use and effectiveness. You want something that fits into the facility's budget and also gives you the peace of mind that these solutions will confidently get the job done and keep your facility protected.

Quick Dam has a variety of flood control and indoor water control solutions that have time and time again protected hospitals, doctor's offices, urgent care centers and other facilities alike from the perils of water damage.

Flood Bags & Barriers

Flood Bags & Barriers are water-activated alternatives to traditional sandbags. These bags & barriers absorb water, swell and gel into durable and effective methods of flood control. They can be stacked to increase the protection height and are reusable as well.

These products are compact, and lightweight all while eliminating the need to truck in hundreds of pounds of sand in order to fill enough bags in time before a flood occurs. Flood Bags & Barriers are compactly shipped and can be stored inside your house on a shelf when not activated.

Once these products are activated and being used they can be dried out in natural light and used over and over again to help protect you against flooding.

To learn more about Flood Bags and Flood Barriers click HERE

Water Curb

The Water Curb is a barrier that you fill with hose water and place accordingly to block potential flooding. It is compact, lightweight & easy to use. You can store this product empty and then fill it on site as needed. Simply empty the water out when the flood water recede and store away for next time.

Water Curb has dual chambers that when filled prevents rolling out of position. This product is durable and chemical resistant. For salt water needs, this is an easy go-to product that is simple and effective.

This particular product is great for doorways, garages, and more. To learn even more about the Water Curb check it out right HERE or just click on the picture below.

Water Curb


FloodGate is meant for doorway flood protection and will protect from water up to 26in high. The FloodGate stops water in its path and can be used both inside and outside. No alterations are needed and it can be used in doorways that open in or out.

This product protects from any kind of water. The significance behind the FloodGate is that it provides an effective flood solution to those who live near large salt water areas and could experience higher amounts of flooding. Spanning from 30 inches to 50 inches wide, this product can adjust to multiple types of doorways to ensure protection, leaving the doorway accessible by stepping over while in use.

It may look like a big product that will take a daunting process to install but that couldn't be further from the truth. FloodGate is easy to use and installs in just minutes. Once installed, the neoprene sleeve creates a water tight seal around its expandable sturdy frame to protect your doorway.

But wait! There's more! If you're looking for larger doorway solutions the FloodGate has the ability to be connected to multiple units in order to create a larger area of protection.

Check out the FloodGate HERE or click the picture below and start protecting your home today.


Water Gate

For large area water control we recommend using the Water Gate. This product is a portable dam that controls, contains, & diverts water before it becomes a problem to your home or business. By rolling the Water Gate out in the path of problem water it rises and opens from water pressure on contact.

Water Gate is quick and easy to deploy with minimal labor while also being compact & requires minimal storage. This product is flexible and forms to any surface and units are connectable with heavy duty velcro straps The .Water Gate is made from an ultra strong durable fabric that will last for years and replace the need for THOUSANDS of sandbags.

Up against salt water, this product provides protection anywhere from 6 inches all the way to 5 feet high. The Water-Gate has been perfectly engineered that actually uses the water it is filled with to keep in place and rise.

The Water Gate has been both tested and approved by the US Army Corps of Engineers and has shown to fully protect against problem water.

Check out all the different sizing options of the Water Gate HERE and see which one is the best fit for your flood control needs.

Water Gate


The Insta-Dam is an instant flexible dam that controls and diverts fluids. This product has a 2 inch by 2 inch square shape that seals directly to surface to prevent it from moving. Insta-Dam is 4 feet in length and provides continuous protection.

The flexibility allows it to wrap in various shapes in order to maximize its effectiveness against problematic water. The material of the Insta-Dam is chemical resistant and works on a variety of fluids, not just water. For instance, this product is able to control and divert oils, various chemicals, and more.

Insta-Dam ships in a high visibility orange tubing that allows for easy and clean storage. The sturdy material allows for it to be deployed and then cleaned easily. Just place the product where needed, rinse it when done, and then store it until its needed to be used again.

The Insta-Dam is great for uses around a leaking water heater, an overflowing toilet, or excess water flowing from the shower.

Learn more about the Insta-Dam right HERE


Wick Up Berms

The Wick Up Berms absorb water on contact & swells to create a berm. Berms lay flat until activated with water & grows to 2.5 inches high in just 5 minutes. This makes for both easy storage and quick deployment for whenever a water issue arises.

Berms contain an inner absorbent that is completely contained to prevent seepage so you don't have to worry about the Berms leaking while in turn stopping the already existing leak. The high visibility orange knit will stretch as the Berms grow and will continue to be a reliable source of protection.

Wick Up Berms are ideal for condensation build up, water based spills, floor cleaning applications, wrap around leaky equipment, and preventing water from entering doorways, windows, & more. The options are endless when it comes to applications of the Wick Up Berms.

Check out the Wick Up Berms HERE.

Wick Up Berms by Quick Dam

Wick Up Mats & Barrier Mats

The Mats & Barrier Mats are effective absorbent products that deal with indoor spills and leaks. Both products have individual characteristics that make them effective for certain types of water issues inside your home or business.

Mats & Barrier Mats absorb water on contact and converts liquid into a gel. They both have an inner absorbent that is completely contained to prevent seepage. The ideal uses for these products are for spills, leaks, & drips of water-like products.


Mats absorb liquid from both sides and absorb 1.5 Quarts per each mat.
Barrier Mats have a plastic back liner to help prevent seepage and absorb 1 Quarter per each mat.

These products are fantastic at preventing slip & fall accidents and many other indoor every day uses.

See both the Wick Up Mats & Barrier Mats HERE.

Wick Up Mats & Barrier Mats

The most important thing is to always be prepared. Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States and can affect healthcare facilities all throughout the calendar year. By being proactive and stocking up on these products early you will be one step ahead of the storm. This will put you in the best possible position to protect your facility.