3 Reasons Flood Bags Are Superior To Sandbags

3 Reasons Flood Bags Are Superior To Sandbags

Posted by QUICK DAM on 1st Nov 2018

After all of the hurricanes and flooding we've seen the past couple of years, more and more people are deciding that their emergency preparedness plan is priority number one. When it comes to protecting your home or property the difference between full protection and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage depends on just how much you prepare before disaster strikes.

One of the most common traditional methods of flood control is to buy empty bags and fill them individually with thousands of pounds of sand. Once the bags are filled you carry the heavy bags and create a barrier blocking the flood water. We believe this method is outdated. We believe that Flood Bags are the way to go.

Flood Bags are water-activated sandless sandbags and below are 3 reasons they you should opt for this method of flood control versus the traditional sandbags. 


One of the biggest perks of stocking up on Flood Bags is that they are compact and easily stored within your home. You can keep a box of 720 Flood Bags right in the corner of your garage or home. They will take up minimal amounts of space until you need to deploy them.

Traditional sandbags on the other hand can give you headaches. Not only do you need to buy the hundreds of empty plastic bags but you'll need to order hundreds (sometimes thousands) of pounds of sand right to your home in order to fill the sandbags. Having a gigantic mountain of sand in your yard is not the most ideal scenario when a potential flood is on the way. Flood Bags eliminate the headache with such easy storage.

Less Labor-Intensive

Let's say that you have the thousands of pounds of sand delivered to your home and you've secured the hundreds of empty sandbags... Now you have to fill them all and place them accordingly. All of the time and effort that goes into filling, carrying and positioning sandbags can be both lengthy and exhausting.

With Flood Bags there is no filling necessary. The super absorbent polymer within the bags swells and gels when it comes in contact with water. Instead of shoveling sand into a bag, tying and taping the bag and then placing it all you need to do with Flood Bags is set it in place and let the water do the rest.

In cases of heavy rushing water you can also pre-activate Flood Bags by placing them and then using hose water to activate them. Whichever method you choose to activate your Flood Bags it will be much easier and less physically demanding than traditional sandbags.

Long Shelf Life

A significant issue when preparing for a flood with traditional sandbags is the combination of time and space this method takes. It's really a double edged sword when you think about it.

If you go the traditional sandbag route you have to order the sand and fill your sandbags like we said before. Once your done with those sandbags you'll need to place them immediately since there's very little chance you would have the amount of space to store that many prepared sandbags and then deploy them when you feel the time is right. The traditional method of sandbags is difficult because it requires the timing to be just right. By preparing extremely early with sandbags you're stuck with a bunch of space being taken up or putting them out too early. If you wait too long then you won't have enough hours to properly fill and place the bags which could result in more flood damage.

Fortunately, Flood Bags eliminate this problem. Flood Bags last for years when they are not activated. You can purchases a package or case of Flood Bags and leave them stored in your garage or house for a significant amount of time just so you're always prepared. Then when the time comes and you need to protect yourself against a flood you'll already be prepared with durable protective Flood Bags.

Those are just a few big reasons why Flood Bags are the superior method of flood protection versus a traditional sandbag. If you're looking for more reasons check out this video below.

Flooding is the number one natural disaster in the United States. Make sure that you have your emergency plan in place and that you are always completely stocked with flood protection products!

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